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Hollofayber (Vysokosilikonizirovanny balls) pustotet the Premium
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Value of the name a holofayber consists of two words conveying meaning of an idea of creators of this material. "hollow" is translated as hollow, and "fiber" - fiber. A filler the holofayber represents a set of the balloons formed by poliesterovy fibers. These small pillows on a spiral, more rare...
Group: Silicone balls, woollen and coton pounce
Balls are silikonizirovany, the Korean fiber
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Silikonizirovany balls for filling of pillows, rollers, a soft toy, upholstered furniture, etc. Primary twisted fiber of the premium is used. Packing-10-12 kg. in a bag. In finished products, due to exclusive elasticity and elasticity, provide BOLSHUYU durability of preservation of a form and...
Group: Silicone balls, woollen and coton pounce


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